Doris' tutor testimonial. Chinese edition

After 2 months at All Studies, I noticed that Eric’s English has improved a lot, he can now do things such as: put punctuation in the proper place, he understands the concept of conjunctions and how to use them.  Eric’s reading skills have improved, he has a deeper understanding of text, not only the content, but also the structure.  The big improvement that impressed me was that he can write an essay longer than one page now.  Before, Eric wrote very short essays, plus there was a lot of small mistakes.  Now, Eric can write an essay longer than one page, and the small mistakes don’t appear anymore.  Eric is enjoying this type of learning – one to one.  This is not boring, he is happy to communicate with his teacher, he had a good time in All Studies.  We can predicate that Eric would do well in the future because he is choosing to stay at All Studies to learn more.

Doris (Eric’s mom)