3 Tips to Start The 2016 School Year Strong

After 3 months of summer, most kids have their minds on autopilot.  They’ve spent 3 months waking up and sleeping at irregular times.  As you might have experienced before, it is very difficult to get kids psyched for the first day of school.  So here are some tips that might help:

  1. Warm them up: to make the transition less jarring, it is important to ease them back into school mode.  Lots of our students resume tutoring in mid-August to get their kids back into a studying mode.  Another tactic I’ve seen work is to nip the issue at the bud and have the children continue with light workbooks or tutoring throughout the summer.
  2. Friends: the biggest motivator for your kids in this situation is the prospect of meeting their friends again after a long summer apart.  It might have been a while since I’ve been in school, but I remember looking forward to spending time with my school friends when September rolls around.
  3. Back to school gear: while I’m not a big fan of bribing kids with things, it is undeniable that it works.  And sometimes as teachers and parents, we must be pragmatic about these things.  Time and time again, I’ve seen my students come to me proud and raring to show off their newest superhero backpack or new pen.

If you can get them excited about anything school related, you’re one step closer to starting them off on the right foot.

To our returning students and parents: I’m looking forward to welcoming you back and I hope our tutors can continue aiding you all in achieving your full potential.